Instrument Accessories

Varsal Windows

Specifications: Windows, Wedges, Mirror Substrates, Coating Witness, Filter Substrates

Tolerance Commercial Precision
Dimensions (mm) +/-0.2mm +/-0.05mm
Thickness (mm) +/-0.2mm +/-0.05mm
Surface Figure 1-2 λ 0.1-1 λ
Parallelism minutes 5~30 seconds
Scratch-Dig 80/50 6 0/40-40/20


  1. Varsal manufactures the above components according to customers' requirements (drawings, specifications, coating requirements).
  2. We use the Chinese equivalent material to Schott's optical glass and assure the material quality. Other special materials (Fused Silica, Quartz, CaF2 etc.) are also frequently used.