Spectrophotometer Cells


Varsal manufactures UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer cells and cuvettes, including micro-cells. Our unique fire-fused production technology assures long lasting, easy to clean, high performance cells. Varsal cells can be used with all commonly used spectrophotometers to measure absorbance or transmission and they comply with all international standards. Depending on the spectral range to be analyzed, Varsal spectrophotometer cells are available in optical glass, quartz and IR quartz glass. Our technical ability to produce cells that meet the demanding specifications of instrument manufacturers is only surpassed by Varsal’s customer service and on-time delivery.

Varsal Advantages

  • Varsal cuvettes are 100% handcrafted and 100% individually inspected.
  • All quartz cells are fire-fused to withstand ultrasonic cleaning and heavy solvent use.
  • Varsal offers sets of 4 and 6 cells matched for transmittance < 3% (Type 1 cells with a 10mm path length). This offer includes all glass types G, Q and I. 
  • Varsal can custom build cells to your specification and inscribe cells with identification logos

Spectrophotometer Cell Materials:

Material Code Application % Transmission Matching Tolerance
Optical Glass G VIS > 80% @ 360nm Within 0.3% @ 360 nm
Spectrosil TM Quartz Q UV-VIS > 80% @ 240nm Within 0.3% @ 240nm
Spectrosil TM Quartz I UV-VIS-NIR > 80% @ 2730nm

Within 0.3% @ 2730nm


Types of Cells
Varsal manufactures the following types of cells:

Type Description
1 Standard Rectangular
1GS GS Rectangular with Graded Seal
3 Fluorometer Rectangular
3GS GS Fluorometer Rectangular w/Graded Seal
9 Semi-Micro Rectangular
9B Semi-Micro Self Masking
9F Semi-Micro Fluorometer
17 Micro Short Rectangular
17B Micro Short Self Masking
18 Micro with Lid
18B Self Masking Micro
18F Micro Fluorometer
21 Standard Rectangular with Stopper
23 Fluorometer Rectangular with Stopper
29 Semi Micro with Stopper
29B Semi Micro w/Stopper Self Masking
30 Micro with Stopper
30B Micro w/Stopper Self Masking
30F Micro Fluorometer with Stopper
32 Cylindrical Cell One Stopper
34 Cylindrical Cell Two Stoppers
34S Cylindrical Cell with Screw Cap
37 Long Outlet Cylindrical
96 Absorptiometer Rectangular

  List of Popular Cell Part Numbers:

Varsal P/N Ref. P/N Application Description Glass Type Path Length Capacity Price $
406-31-G10 1-G-10 VIS Type 1 w/lid Optical Glass 10mm 3.5ml 21.30
406-31-G50 1-G-50 VIS Type 1 w/lid Optical Glass 50mm 17.5ml 40.50
406-31-Q10 1-Q-10 UV-VIS Type 1 w/lid Quartz 10mm 3.5mm 62.00
406-31-I5 1-I-5 UV-VIS-NIR Type 1 w/lid Quartz 5mm 1.7ml 62.00
406-31-I10 1-I-10 UV-VIS-NIR Type 1 w/lid Quartz 10mm 3.5ml 62.00
406-33-G5 3-G-5 VIS Type 3 w/lid Optical Glass 5mm 1.7ml 40.63
406-33-G10 3-G-10 VIS Type 3 w/lid Optical Glass 10mm 3.5ml 40.63
406-321-I10 21-I-10 UV-VIS-NIR Type 21 w/stopper Quartz 10mm 3.5ml 85.75
406-334-I50 34-I-50 UV-VIS-NIR Type 34 w/stoppers Quartz 50mm 14.1ml 150.00
406-334-G100 34-G-100 VIS Type 34 w/stoppers Optical Glass 100mm 28.2ml 90.00