Instrument Accessories

Varsal Lenses

Specifications: Singlet, Doublet, Achromat, Ball Lens, Drum Lens, Cylindrical Lens

Tolerance Commercial Precision
Diameter (mm) +0.00/-0.10mm +0.00/-0.05mm
Center Thickness (mm) +/-0.20mm +/-0.05mm
Radius (mm) +/-0.5% +/-0.1%
Power-Irregularity (fringe) 3-5 1-3
Wedge Lens (TIM, mm)-Centration 0.05mm 0.010mm
Bevels (Max face width@45°, mm) 0.5mm 0.1mm
Scratch-Dig 80/50 60/40-40/20


  1. The radius tolerance depends on the radius value. For small radii, we manufacture test plates by producing balls, with which we can reach tolerances of +/-1~3μm.
  2. We can produce lenses with diameters 1mm~250mm and 0.5mm~20mm for Ball Lenses. We use the Chinese equivalent material to Schott's optical glass and assure the material quality.
  3. Other special materials (Fused Silica, Quartz, CaF2, etc.) are also frequently used.