Sulfonyl Chemicals

Methanesulfonyl Chloride (MSC)

Molecular weight: 114.6. Odor: heavy stimulant odor.
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid. CAS # 124-63-0.

Used as a building block for agricultural and pharmaceutical chemicals.

Varsal advantage:
Varsal's MSC is made from the chlorination of DMDS. The manufacturing process is clean, with no methyl mercaptan odor and no detectable impurities of methyl methane thiosulfonate. In formulations, it is both harmless to humans and has impurity cleansing capabilities, so is ideal for pharmaceutical, flavors and fragrance, and other applications where these characteristics are important.


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250 Kg per X-type drum (iron/plastic drum); Iso-Tank Containers.

Special Storage Conditions:
High humidity and elevated temperature should be avoided. Must be stored in well-vented storage area.