Sulfonyl Chemicals

Methanesulfonic Acid (MSA)

Description: Other name: Methylsulphonic Acid. Molecular weight: 96.10.
Appearance: colorless and transparent oil liquid. Soluble in water; insoluble in paraffin. CAS# 75-75-2.

As a solvent, catalyst of alkylation, esterification and polymerization.

Varsal Advantage:
Varsal's MSA process is clean with no methyl mercaptan odor, and our process conditions do not typically allow formation of methyl esters. It is approved for use in all major tin-lead applications, and low oxidizables and chlorides ensure long life, stable solder deposits. Varsal's clean process promotes “Green Chemistry” with less environmental impact from sludge. It also provides superior throwing power to allow high-speed tin-lead alloy plating in reel-to reel operations.


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  • Methanesulfonic Acid, 70% Special Grade
  • Methanesulfonic Acid, 70% Industrial Grade
  • Methanesulfonic Acid, 85%
  • Methanesulfonic Acid, Anhydrous Pharma Grade
  • Methanesulfonic Acid, Anhydrous Special Grade
  • Methanesulfonic Acid, Anhydrous Indusrial Grade