Varsal is Named One of the World's Leading Producers of Hypophosphorous Acid

May 14, 2020 (Persistence Market Research) -- Hypophosphorous Acid (HPA) is also known as phosphinic acid, hydroxy(oxo)-λ5-phosphane, oxo-λ5-phosphinous acid and oxo-λ5-phosphanol. Its molecular formula is H3PO2 or HOP(O)H2. Hypophosphorous acid is a hydroxy phosphine oxide or phosphorus oxyacid having a monobasic character. Hypophosphorous acid is a low-melting colorless compound, which is highly soluble in alcohols, dioxane and water. Hypophosphorous acid is majorly manufactured from Sodium Hypophosphite. Hypophosphorous acid is widely used as a reducing agent to reduce Cu, Hg and Ag etc. to verify impurities, such as Nb, As and Ta, etc. It is also used as a catalyst during esterification and in medicines, it is used to detect tellurium and arsenic, etc. Due to the above mentioned applications of hypophosphorous acid, future growth prospects are strong.

The July 2020 Hypophosphorous Acid Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis report will present an in-depth analysis of the Hypophosphorous Acid Industry as well as a breakdown of key producers such as Varsal.

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